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Private Hire - Filming & Production

Prices are correct as of 2021

Tower Bridge and Peckham and Sutton Hire Charges
(All prices are +VAT)

Please review current opening times here.

If the shop is closed, prices are:

£190 an hour if booking starts from 3pm onwards.

If the first hour of booking starts later than 3pm, prices are charged at £250 an hour, with a minimum of 2 hours.

For example if booking is 5pm-8pm then you will be charged for 3 hours at the £250 rate. If booking is 3pm-8pm you will be charged for 5 hours at the £190 rate.

Sundays are charged at £250 an hour, with a minimum of 2 hours.

If the shop is required to close for the day cost is £3,000.

If you would like the shop open:

We can only accommodate a very small production to take place in the shops whilst they are open, maximum of 6 people, rate is at £190 an hour.

Our Tower Bridge Road shop is the oldest eel and pie shop in the world still in business today. The shop opened in 1902 and is a grade 2 listed building. The shop has only had minor changes since opening therefore has a very historic traditional London feel.

Our Peckham shop was re-opened in 1990 after partly burning down in the 1985 Brixton Riots. The shop still has the unique authentic traditional London feel with a bit more newness to it than our Tower Bridge Road shop.

Our Sutton shop is the newest of the three shops, opening in 1998 and offers the traditional London dish to people living in the outskirts of London.

Peckham Shop

Sutton Shop


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