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Facts & Fame

Some Facts about our Tower Bridge Shop

  • 87 Tower Bridge Road is the oldest eel & pie shop still in business today.
  • Originally established in 1891 by Robert Cooke.
  • Bought by Michele Manze in 1902 ( son in law of Robert Cooke)
  • It was the first of 14 eel & pie houses to bear the family name of Manze.
  • The Manzes were originally from a small village called ‘Ravello’ which is on the Amalfi coast in southern Italy.
  • They started trading next door at number 85 as ice merchants and then as ice cream makers.
  • The address used to be 87 Bermondsey New Road (as Tower Bridge hadn’t been built then).
  • The shop next door was bombed during the war and the front of this shop was ‘sucked out’ by the blast – but trade still continued.
  • Many famous people have eaten here including Rio Ferdinand, Rag ‘n’ Bone man, Rob Beckett, Charlie George, the late Roy Orbison, present regulars include Jim Davidson and Danny Baker. It is also said that David Beckham eats here when he is in England.
  • It has been the subject of various books and documentaries, and is often used as a set for films and adverts. Even appearing in Elton John’s video for his hit single ‘Made in England’, an interview of Victoria Beckham by Kate Thornton for the TV series ‘Rich and Famous’ and the TV series ‘Hustle’.
  • A photographer called Chris Clunn incorporated the business in his photographic work called ‘Eels, Pie & Mash’. The photographs were displayed at the Museum Of London.
  • It was used as a base for Jono Coleman’s breakfast show on Heart Radio.
  • Considered to be the original ‘fast food’ take-away.
  • Rick Stein filmed ‘Rick Stein Food Heroes’ in the Tower Bridge shop.
  • Rick Stein’s son, Jack Stein, filmed ‘Jack in the box’ food show also at our Tower Bridge Shop.
  • The shop’s have been host to numerous celebrity interviews including Boris Johnson, Victoria Beckham.

Rio Ferdinand enjoying his Pie and Mash at our Tower Bridge Road shop.

Victoria Beckham1

Victoria Beckham being interviewed by Kate Thornton

Rag and Bone Man Pie and Mash

Rag’n’Bone Man getting his fix of Pie and Mash

South London Lad Rob Beckett showing Posh Chelsea guy Jamie Laing what ‘food of the gods’ really is


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