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Tower Bridge Road Kitchen Refurbishment


We are aware of a video circulating showing our kitchen at the Tower Bridge Road shop which is deeply upsetting to us as a small family business.

This is a completely untrue representation of our kitchen and has been posted to mislead people and cause damage to our family business. We are undergoing refurbishment works which meant the kitchen could not be used and all our machinery and equipment had to be removed from 50% of the kitchen space to allow contractors to work on the kitchen floor.

What the video shows is not a working kitchen but instead storage of equipment and machinery. At no point during the video does the recorder turnaround to show you the kitchen space that is completely empty with the preparation works being carried out to the floor. The flooring in the video is incomplete and at a prep stage before the new tiles are to be fitted. We therefore believe this has been posted to deliberately damage the reputation of our family business.

Due to delays during the day unfortunately the final clean down was not able to be completed by the time the contractors had arrived and we needed to leave the kitchen for the contractors to complete their work. This clean down was completed when the contractors finished at 9.00pm.

A complaint was raised due to the video with the Environmental Health Office therefore we had an inspection from the EHO on 3rd February 2021 and he is satisfied with our ongoing kitchen refurbishment therefore we have retained our 5 star food hygiene rating. Unfortunately, even after putting this statement on our Facebook page we were trolled with accusations of us lying with negative comments and therefore we removed the post. You can view our rating here. You can contact the EHO directly if you want confirmation of their visit.

We have included some pictures below showing the kitchen during the current refurbishment stage.

To see what our kitchen looks like in use we have a blog post with numerous photos of the complete process showing how our pies are made which can be accessed by clicking here.

Thank you for your support at this difficult time.



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