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Max vs Food

If you have been wondering who ate all the pies? Then we have your answer, it was Max, better known as Max vs Food. Max has grown up eating pie and mash particularly on Saturdays before heading to the game. He contacted us and said he was an amateur competitive eater and was interested in seeing how many pies, mash and liquor he could eat. Max said most of the competitions seem to be up north, so he decided to bring it down to the south. He bought his own platter and we plated up 18 pies, 9 mash and loads of liquor! Max spent the next 43 minutes gulping it down, it was very interesting to watch and lot’s of customers were coming in and cheering him on. Max managed to eat 8,000 calories in 43 minutes!


  “It was definitely one of the hardest and biggest food challenges I have ever done, but it was helped by the fact that the pies were so tasty and I really wanted to push myself to eat all 18 and the 5kg of food”.


“Secondly, that there are people less fortunate than us and food poverty is a really big issue. That’s why I donate any profits I make to charity.”


Though certainly impressive, the pie challenge doesn’t seem to have broken any records, could you beat it? Max is waiting for a challenger.


You can watch the full video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=7&v=MBAOiKg45WU&feature=emb_logo


Make sure you tag us on instagram how many pies you can eat…@manzespieandmash.Max with his platter of pie and mashMax with our Manzes Operations Director MarkMax tucking inYou've got this Max!Think Max has hit a bit of a wallWell done Max you legend!

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