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Tower Bridge Road shop open in the evenings..

As lockdown 2.0 begins, we have been working hard at Manzes to think how we can keep all of our staff paid and in work. Back in June once Boris said we could re-open for eats in we have since taken on 7 new members of staff to be able to keep up with the regulations and ensure we are covid-secure. If you are reading this then I’m sure you know how pie and mash is traditionally served to you, just a reminder as it has been a while.. You que up, order and pay for your food at the counter, wait no more than 30 seconds then walk to an available spot at a table with your cutlery and plate of pie and mash. Unfortunately due to covid our traditional way of service was not viable so we had to make significant changes including table service, payments at the table, wrapping up cutlery, takeaways through the windows etc.. All of this adds on a significant amount of time therefore we needed more staff. 


Our new staff have fitted into the Manze family like they have always been here and we wouldn’t want to do without them. We understand the furlough scheme is available again and it’s a popular option for small businesses, however it just didn’t feel right for us. Would you Adam and Eve it we came up with a plan which hopefully means we can keep all of our Manze family earning bees and honey.. Opening evenings!


We haven’t opened in the evenings since 1945, so this is a big step for us.. We have split the shifts between the staff who are all willing and passionate about the new plan. We are open for takeaways through the window and hot local deliveries via Justeat and Deliveroo. The plan is to review the opening hours after lockdown with the hope that we can stay open in the evenings, who knows one day you might be able to eat in on a Saturday night with your plate of pie and mash with a beer!


New opening hours are:








Keep safe everyone and thank you all for your support during this time.


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