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Happy Veganuary!

Happy Veganuary! Flexitarianism, part-time vegetarianism or veganism, is becoming more and more popular. January is veganuary month, so what better time to write a blog on our superb vegan pie and mash.

We introduced the ‘veggie’ pie over 20 years ago in all 3 of our shops as the demand was there. Our pies are freshly made every morning with soya mince and they are heavenly.

In 2019 we realised that actually our ‘veggie’ pie and mash is in fact vegan, without having to make any changes aside from the little white letters on our menu board from veggie to vegan, Manzes now sells vegan pie and mash! Yes believe us, the mash and liquor is vegan too. Who would have thought a business that is over 120 years old was succeeding in keeping up with the trends.

Veganism is a hot topic and set to increase year on year, we certainly have noticed that at Manzes, there has never been a higher demand than now on the amount of vegan pies we need to make in the mornings. Our vegan pies are cooked to order, so please give us 5 minutes to prepare them for you, feel free to give the shop a call in advance if you would like it ready for when you arrive.

Our vegan pie and mash is not only popular in our shops, we also send a fair amount out for hot deliveries via Justeat and Deliveroo plus our chilled overnight UK courier service too. Customers are ordering online combinations of meat and vegan pies so the whole family can enjoy the food of the gods.

So we hope that this blog pleases our original customers that have decided to take part in veganuary, or have made the change in lifestyle to vegetarian or vegan, the fact that you can still enjoy London’s most favourite dish whilst keeping with your lifestyle. We also hope that the blog encourages new customers that thought pie and mash wasn’t for them, to come and try our delicious vegan pie and mash, you won’t be disappointed.

Check out our Instagram @manzespieandmash for tips for first timers from our customers.

Vegan Pie and Mash

3 thoughts on “Happy Veganuary!

  1. I’ve been a Manze’s customer all of my 61 years. When I stopped eating meat over 30 years ago, I never thought I would eat my beloved pie and mash again – then you answered my prayers with your vegan beauties! They are fab! Proving Manze’s are keeping the traditions alive by making the best pies you’ll ever have available to all. Can’t thank you guys enough.

  2. I was born in London and brought up on Cooke’s Pie & Mash in East Ham. I eventually became a vegetarian and recently a vegan so haven’t had pie & mash since the mid 80’s though I still miss it. I now live in the States and just found out, through doing family history research, that a cousin of mine married into the Manze family in the 1950’s.
    I can’t wait for the next time I can come home and have my first pie & mash in decades thanks to your vegan pies.

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