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Welcome to our new website

A new website has been well overdue for us and we are excited to finally have an up-to-date website with a brand new online ordering system so it’s now super easy to order Pie and Mash delivery straight to your door.

Our new online ordering system means you can now select exactly what you want to be delivered from how many pies, how many portions of mash and liquor along with extras such as stewed and jellied eels.

Our new website has plenty of information about our history, the Pie & Mash we serve, the nutritional value of Pie & Mash, our shop locations and our chilled and hot deliveries. Please have a look around the site.

We’ve recently joined Instagram so it would be great if you can follow us we’ve Updates go on Instagram every few days. Please tag us in any Pie & Mash chat so we can continue to show everyone how fantastic Pie & Mash is! Follow us here

Don’t forget to come back to our blog to keep an eye on updates and news in the world of Pie & Mash. We really appreciate any feedback on the site or if you run into any bugs please do let us know by clicking here.

12 thoughts on “Welcome to our new website

  1. Good morning, my dad (now 89) has recently been diagnosed with alzheimers and remembers very little of the recent past. However he vividly remembers as a child being sent to Manzes pie and mash shop with an empty enamel dish to be filled with lovely pie and mash ( and dont forget the liquor). He lived in Lisford st at the time but moved away from Peckam many years ago now.

    Thank you for letting him have these lovely memories.

    Kind regards

  2. I must say one of the most enjoyable jobs I ever had such lovely people too work with and my first real job leaving school have not been back to the shop for some years now must try and get down and say hello my belly needs pie and mash

  3. Had another delivery of Pie and mash from Manze’s here in Harwich Essex. Beautiful food, and exactly the same quality that you get when served in the shop. All containers and Ice packs are reusable, including the polystyrene delivery box. Outstanding quality, and absolutely delish. food. (Oh, and don’t forget the Chilli Vinegar)

  4. Just my first delivery of pie and mash, brought back memories of my youth when I used to visit Manze in tower bridge road, just tasted the same, my wife was very impressed, my opinion as a old east end boy Manze is the best pie mash on the planet.

  5. Had my first delivery yesterday. Absolutely brilliant. Food was exactly like I used to have 47 years ago when doing my apprenticeship in the Borough area. Another lot soon!!!!

  6. We have had 3 deliveries of pie and mash to South Wales in the last year. Excellent service and wonderful meals. Throughly recommend Manze.

  7. Abserlouty lovely had loads of delicious delivery’s. Had some delivered today can’t beat manze here’s to many more orders.

  8. Im 85 and my son bought me some of your pie and mash and jellied eels. I left the eastend in the 1970’s but everytime I went to see tye old folks, would pop into local p & m shop for a shipping order. Parents died at 90+ years and I moved abroad, came back 3 years ago to south coast, no p & m down here. But yours has brought joy to our hearts, a great pie and mash with REAL liquor. We are now going to order enough for a p & m party. Brilliant food thank you

  9. Another delicious meal of your p&m with liquor was brought up in poplar as a kid of 11 now living in Cheshire getting regular deliveries at 72 brings back fond memories thank you

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